Tips to declutter your life

The most important thing in declutttering our lives is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!! The more complex we make our lives, the more crazy, hectic & chaotic it becomes.  How can we have a strong family unit if every family member is going in a different direction all the time.  Limit your kids (and yourself)  to 1-2 extra curricular activities a week.  Designate 1 night a week to FAMILY NIGHT  and at least once a month (or every other month) a FAMILY FUN DAY! NO WORKING ALLOWED – MANDATORY FUN TIME. Let each family member choose what you do and what to eat etc. Take turns if needed. Most importantly keep your family in church!!! Putting God first in our lives teaches our children to have the right kind of priorities.

Take time often to spend one-on-one quality time with each child.  Get to know them! Their likes/dislikes? If a certain activity is causing us to have family problems – LOSE THAT ACTIVITY!  Nothing is worth losing our families! Every night have a devotion time with the entire family. Give each family member a chance to tell about their day.  This will also ensure no one goes to bed angry or frustrated with their day! Lastly, keep a family calendar for all events, practicies, doctor appointments, bills due etc. (check out the blog on Budgets for more info).

Bottom line in keeping it simple: 1. PUT GOD FIRST  2. KEEP IT SIMPLE  3. SCHEDULE FAMILY FUN TIME 4. LIMIT ACTIVITIES  5. KEEP A FAMILY CALENDAR.  Keep checking out the blog for more ideas and information.

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