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Sometimes our lives get so busy!  We are so busy DOING God’s work that we forget WHY we are doing it in the first place!  Do we get so involved in the day to day work of the Lord, that we forget to stop and remember that we GET to serve Him.  Did you remember when you first got saved, how excited you were to go tell others about Him.  Do you remember that you wanted to find more ways to serve Him – you wanted to learn as much as possible about Him and how to please Him!  Let’s not get so busy with SERVING & DOING that we forget to LOVE & CARE about Him; about others & about having the same joy in our salvation as when we first got saved!

Just like a marriage – we get so used to being married we forget why we got married in the first place! To keep the flame alive in our marriage we must continue to be in a ‘dating’ mentality.  If we do the same for our relationship with the Lord, we will never lose that wonderful feeling of joy, happiness, satisfaction and complete security in Him!